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Three Lighted Courts

Centrally located in the Wyndemere Activities Center, our three courts provide ease of access to both our world-class outdoor dining and bar services. Complimentary Bocce equipment is available courtside.

Active Bocce Leagues

With hundreds of players to choose from, becoming the Wyndemere Bocce Champion becomes quite the accomplishment! Club League plays runs from January to April.

Interclub Bocce Matches

Compete with the best clubs in Southwest Florida through our Bocce Interclub Program.

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If you're looking to join an active community with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you've found the right club. Our Membership enjoys a special camaraderie and unique bond that is unmatched in the Naples area. Whether you're looking for your next game, glass of wine or just a place to unwind, Wyndemere is a club you'll want to keep coming back to.